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All Sport VIP Experience

All Sport Experience is a company specialized in privileged access to the most important sporting and musical events in Italy. We choose for you the best hospitality and hospitality solutions to offer your guests unique and unrepeatable experiences, in prestigious locations among the most celebrated of your favorite sport.

Ours are emotional rewards, priceless experiences. These are real privileged accesses available in limited quantities that give the opportunity to experience events, meetings and shows that will leave a memorable memory.



America's Cup
Acrobaric fly
Driving Experiences
Desert Experiences
Formula E®
Horse riding/Palio
World Tennis

Among our services, we are also a Leading Travel Organizer and Tour Operator agency throughout Italy for travel related to the world of sport: we make All Inclusive travel and accommodation packages available.


Acrobatich Experience

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Sport Experiences - GT

Choose one of our Exclusive Sport Experience, choose to live the event and see up close with your favorite athletes:

America's Cup

Experience the best known and most prestigious sailing competition in the world from the starting hangar to the end of the round, close to your favorite team and pampered by our team.

Driving Experience GT

Give one of our Sport Experiences, dream of many opportunities for a few, extraordinary driving experiences on the track on standard GT cars, on Formula and Formula1 cars, or on snow and ice.

Desert Experience

Spend a driving experience with us through unexplored landscapes between Morocco and Tunisia, Libya and Israel, Mongolia and Iran to discover the origins of man.

Formula 1®

All Sport Experiences is Official Agent of Formula 1® Experiences for the entire World Championship in association with the Travel Company KKM Group offers all packages and supports to F1 Grand Prix.

Formula E

Invite your guests and sales force to participate in a Formula E race, an alternative and sustainable event, dedicated exclusively to single-seater cars powered by electric motors.

Golf / Ryder Cup

Live an extraordinary Sport Experience of meeting and PR at the highest levels in the Italian sports scene on the most beautiful golf courses in Italy and abroad.

Horse racing / Palio

Give the All Sport Experience packages for the most famous horse racing events in the world, from the historic Palio di Siena to Longchamps, Epson and Kentucky derby in Gallop.


The best MotoGP races lived just a few meters away from your favorite athletes with access to the Paddock, teams, private hospitality: emotional and exclusive experiences.

NFL / MBA / Rugby

Experience All American Sports, the best-known and best-known competitive events in the Anglo-Saxon world with privileged access to behind the scenes of the event.

Patrol flight

All Sport Experiences makes you fly high! with a unique and thrilling experience of patrol flight on a basic military aircraft guided by a trainer pilot.

24Hour Le Mans

The most beautiful race in the world that every year attracts the attention of thousands of guests experienced in the exclusive context of one of the most important and competitive teams.


All Sport is Official Agent for F1 Experiences, it is a company specializing in exclusive experiences and hospitality during major sporting events as well as Italy's leading travel organizer and tour operator for sports-related travel.

It offers exclusive travel related to Motorsport: Formula 1 World Championship, E-Prix, 24h Le Mans. MotoGP: MotoGP Misano, MotoGP Mugello, MotoGP Village, SBK Imola. Drive on the track in Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche on the main Italian circuits. Golf: Ryder cup. Sailing: America's Cup / America's Cup. Tennis: Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Montecarlo Master, Rome International Tennis. Horse riding: Palio di Siena, Kentucky Derby. Off Road and Desert Experience: desert trips to Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Israel, Mongolia, Iran.

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