On board comfortable and luxurious sailing boats and catamarans, we follow the progress of the most famous sailing competition not far from the AC75 sailing ships engaged in breathtaking challenges.

From the starting hangar to the end of the round, you will be pampered and served by our team who will support you in all activities by giving you useful information on the progress of the races and making you fully enter the fantastic world of sailing at the maximum expression of lightness.

At the end of the day, guests will be able to access the village built on the quay, meet the sailors, try the simulators, entertain the little ones with themed games and entertainment.

The America's Cup is an extraordinary opportunity to meet guests, VIPs and personalities who populate the world of sailing, to know and understand the dynamics of one of the most noble and ancient sports.

The races will take place this year in Aukland, New Zealand.

All-inclusive travel and accommodation packages are available.



In Tuscany around the Island of Elba, in the Bay of Genoa, Portofino or Naples in Sardinia or along the magical landscape of the Ligurian coast - Portovenere, Cinque Terre and Portofino - everywhere there are remote beaches and hidden bays of immeasurable beauty.

Our team building program allows you to get the right mix between leasure and incentive. Research results show that the efficiency of work groups and individuals is directly related to team building events, particularly among managers working under high stress conditions.

Team building allows:

  • Collaborate with experts to make the group and individuals more effective within the company

  • Improve relations between workers within the company and business units

  • Raising the level and quality of the personality of individuals and entire groups

he goal is to improve relationships between groups at the level of business processes and improve business efficiency.


Spending time together in nature (sailing) is also one of the options.

The objectives of the team building group are:

  • socialize between work colleagues

  • improve team communication

  • gaining thrust accepting mutual goals

  • improve cooperation

  • best solution for troubleshooting

  • coordination of roles in the group


Individual goals of Team building:

  • exceeding personal limits

  • increasing self-control and self-control

  • feel relaxation

  • perceive the feeling of success through teamwork

  • enjoying nature and isolation physical activity and individual motivation activities

  • fun




Americas Cup: extreme experience


On board of comfortable and luxurious boats we follow the trend of the most famous sailing competition within walking distance of the sailing ships engaged in breathtaking challenges.

From the departure hangar to the end of the round, you will be pampered and served by our team that will support you in all activities giving you useful information on how the races take place and letting you fully enter the fantastic world of sailing to the maximum expression of lightness.


All Sport is Official Agent for F1 Experiences, it is a company specializing in exclusive experiences and hospitality during major sporting events as well as Italy's leading travel organizer and tour operator for sports-related travel.

It offers exclusive travel related to Motorsport: Formula 1 World Championship, E-Prix, 24h Le Mans. MotoGP: MotoGP Misano, MotoGP Mugello, MotoGP Village, SBK Imola. Drive on the track in Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche on the main Italian circuits. Golf: Ryder cup. Sailing: America's Cup / America's Cup. Tennis: Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Montecarlo Master, Rome International Tennis. Horse riding: Palio di Siena, Kentucky Derby. Off Road and Desert Experience: desert trips to Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Israel, Mongolia, Iran.

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